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Process design and control play significant roles in modern industries.  Most processes and reactors are very complex.  They involve not only multiphase flow, but also heat and mass transfer during their chemical reaction processes.  The operation must be optimised to become more competitive and sustainable, particularly in this economic and environmental demanding era.  In order to achieve that, continuous research and development are necessary.  Numerical simulations and modelling, supported by online data and experiments, have emerged as an indispensable adjunct to traditional investigation methods for design, control, and optimisation of processes, reactors and devices.

ProMO lab focuses on process modelling of reacting flows and the applications to a range of complex processes and reactors in conventional and emerging industries.  The modelling works are significant in understanding the fundamentals of the processes.  They also assist in optimising and developing new, cleaner and more efficient technologies with measurable industrial outcomes.



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Shen lab received a $1M grant of end-of-life solar panel recycling from NSW EPA Circular Solar Phase 2. It is announced today by Minister for Environment James Griffin ( https://epa.nsw.gov.au/news/media-releases/2022/epamedia220627-circular-.....
Prof. Shen, again, received 2021 Best Key Reader (Editor) Award of Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, the top journal in the field of metallurgy and materials.
Shen Lab has been awarded a research grant from Australian Research Council (ARC) in the project "Modelling of polydisperse particle-fluid reacting flows", $390,000. The partners include the A/Prof. Mikio Sakai...