Funding and industry partnership

>AUD 5 million research grants, including

1. Funding Agency

  • ARC research grants (7 ARC grants active at present)
    • DP220100306 YS Shen, et al "Modelling of polydisperse particle-fluid reacting flows", ARC-Discovery Project, A$390k.
    • LP200100106 YS Shen, et al "Data-driven monitoring of raceway dynamics in ironmaking blast furnaces", ARC-Linkage Project, A$540k.
    • IC200100023 R Amal and 19 CIs, "ARC Training Centre for The Global Hydrogen Economy", ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres 2020 round 1, $4.92m.
    • FT190100361 YS Shen, "Data-driven modelling of complex reactive flows", ARC Future Fellowship, A$ 878k.
    • DP180101232 YS Shen, et al “Modelling of particle-fluid reactive flows coupled with phase changes”, ARC-Discovery Project, A$342k.
    • LP160101100 YS Shen, et al “Preparation and use of lignite-iron ore composite briquettes for ironmaking”, ARC-Linkage Project, A$394k.
    • LP150100112 YS Shen, et al “Multiscale study of raceway operations for low-cost and stable ironmaking”, ARC-Linkage Project, A$550k.
    • LP120200469 AB Yu and YS Shen, “Model studies of new ironmaking processes”, ARC-Linkage Project, A$540k.
  • Several grants from ACARP, ARENA, CRC-P and BAJC as lead CI/co-CI, for example,
    • ARENA project in evaluation of co-injecting hydrogen and Australian PCI Coals.
    • ARENA project in renewable energy (A highly efficient, low-cost and eco-friendly recycling technology for silicon photovoltaics), A$1.36m.
    • CRC-P project, "Increased recycling of plastics by sensing and treating label contamination", A$650k.
    • Sole CI in ACARP e.g. C26041.
    • ARENA projects e.g. RND2017/011 (Tandem solar cell), RND2018/014 (PVE for H2 generation, 2019-2022), RND2018/015  (Biomass for H2 generation, 2019-2022).
    • BAJC e.g. BA14026 and BA19007 etc.

2. Industry partnership and collaborative programs

  • Long-term industry engagements established with leading Australian/overseas industries, including
    • Baosteel,
    • Rio Tinto,
    • BlueScope Steel,
    • Coal Energy Australia,
    • ACARP,
    • BHP Billiton,
    • Peabody Energy,
    • Jellinbah Resources,
    • PEGRAS

     as evidenced by joint ARC grants and industry projects, and employment potential of PhD graduates.