Low Carbon Smart Process Metallurgy


1. Project title: Process modelling of ironmaking blast furnaces

Ironmaking blast furnaces (BFs) is the dominant reactor to convert iron ore to iron products. The design and control of ironmaking BFs must be optimised to become more competitive and sustainable, particularly under economic and environmental demanding conditions.
This project aims to study in-furnace multiphase flow, heat and mass transfers, and performance of ironmaking BFs, towards achieving reliable, cost- and energy-effective, and low-emission production. The discrete-based modelling methods with particle-scale information captured and the continuum-based modelling methods with macro-scale information obtained are developed in our ProMO group to efficiently unveil the features of local and global multiphase flow and thermochemical behaviours inside BFs. 
We welcome talented students who are interested in this work, and we have a variety of scholarships for both domestic and international students. The research experience and skills acquired during PhD study will develop high end job opportunities in global leading iron ore companies.




 2. Project title: Data-driven optimisation of chemical reactors

One important topic in Industry 4.0 trend is smart manufacturing in conventional and emerging industries.This project aims to develop an innovative data-driven modelling approach for online describing complex multiphase flow and real time prediction of operational anomalies. At this point, ProMO group handles complex nonlinear problems using state-of-the-art numerical methods including artificial neural networks (ANN), support vector machine (SVM), and the random forest (RF).

Novelty and Contribution: This is a promising new research area at the frontier of applying novel data-driven method in chemical engineering fields. It is part of the alternative research to traditional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) processing technologies to achieve high-efficiency prediction of chemical reactors, therefore, enhancing reactions performances.

Expected Outcome: It is expected that the successful candidate will participate in international conferences and will publish his/her work in high impact factor journals. This work will expand the capabilities of the student in both industrial and academic career.

3. Project title: Designs and optimisation of biomass upgrading and combustion technology

Biomass, a carbon neutral fuel, has been reported as one of the most feasible and low-cost renewable energy sources for future energy supply, representing 14% of the total amount of renewable energy at present. Biomass gasification is an innovative technology for converting diverse types of biomass into clean synthesis gas, transportation fuels, chemicals, and other products. This project aims to develop next generation biomass upgrading technologies towards high efficiency, low cost, and low greenhouse gas emission technologies. Several PhD topics are available at ProMO group.

      • Biomass gasification including model development, new process design, mechanism study, and industrial application.
      • Biomass combustion in ironmaking blast furnace including model development, sub-model development and operational optimisation.
      • Co-gasification or co-combustion of biomass and other fuels, including used tire and coal.

We welcome talented students who are interested in this work to join our group.  We have a variety of scholarships for both domestic and international students.