Professor Attila Brungs, Vice-Chancellor of UNSW Sydney, Visits ProMO Shen Group

SYDNEY - In one recent group seminar of ProMO, Professor Attila Brungs, the esteemed Vice-Chancellor and President of UNSW Sydney, visits our group. The visit underscored the significance of the research conducted by the group and highlighted the continued collaboration and support between the university's leadership and its research units.

During his visit, Professor Brungs delivered an enlightening speech encompassing an array of topics – from cutting-edge research to career development for aspiring academics. Significantly, he took the time to delve into the intricacies of pursuing a PhD, offering valuable insights and advice for those on this rigorous academic journey.

Each member of the ProMO Shen group received individual attention, as Professor Brungs took a keen interest in their respective PhD topics. He was forthcoming with comments and suggestions, ensuring each researcher left the meeting with newfound motivation and a clearer sense of direction.

The event wasn't solely academic. It was interspersed with light-hearted moments, such as when the group came together for a commemorative photo with the Vice-Chancellor. In a touching gesture of welcome and appreciation, Professor Yansong Shen presented Professor Brungs with a bouquet of flowers.

The visit stands as a testament to UNSW Sydney's commitment to fostering a conducive environment for research and learning. The ProMO Shen group, undoubtedly invigorated by Professor Brungs' visit, is poised to continue their stellar work in their respective fields.