Research profile

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ProMO group has a wide variety of research topics as follows:

1. Decarbonisation in Steel Industry (see more...)

      • Process modelling of ironmaking blast furnaces
      • Data-driven optimisation of chemical reactors
      • Designs and optimisation of biomass upgrading and combustion technology
      • Development and scale-up of next generation coal upgrading technologies
      • Numerical study of clean coal combustion

2. Recycling for Circular Economy (see more...)

      • CFD study of plastic bottle recycling process
      • Numerical optimisation of recycling of end-of-life solar cell panels

3. Hydrogen Generation and Storage (see more...)

      • Design and optimisation of electrolyser for hydrogen production
      • Phase diagrams calculation and materials design for renewable energy-focused materials
      • Numerical optimisation of hydrogen storage tank design
      • Numerical and experimental study of the water electrolyser flow channel design and optimisation
      • Pore-scale numerical study of the particle behaviors in the porous transport layer of membrane electrodes during water electrolysis

4. High Performance Computation of Reacting Flow (see more...)

      • Particle-scale study of spout deflection in fluidised beds
      • DEM study of particle mixing in mixers
      • Particle scale modelling of biomass gasification technology
      • Model development of a semi-resolved CFD-DEM model for fine particle migration

We welcome talented students who are interested in these projects to join our group.  We have a variety of scholarships for both domestic and international students.